Pumpkin Recipes – Tasty Puri’s

delicious pumpkin recipes

    Pumpkin recipes : Soups,Puri’s,Paratha’s along with Navidyam. 

Do you know we have very long stories along with this Pumpkin? This pumpkin is very famous in this Month in India. There is a traditional way that takes a big pumpkin go to Goddess temple  & brake this pumpkin in front of Jagdamba. Distribute this pumpkin to the people who are sitting near the temple. When i was in the village i was getting up early in the morning taking full of POOJA thali along with a big pumpkin & went to the temple at 6 o’clock. At first, i was bathing Goddess idol, worshiping her with a lot of ingredients, wearing her a nice Sari garlanding her,  Doing Aarti with so many people along with music &GHANTA. Burning incense sticks spread good atmosphere in the surrounding. This atmosphere gives me a lot of happiness, enthusiasm, chaityna etc. With this happiness


These recipes are made for Goddess Jagadamba .Give it for her wish.

300.00 INR

, i was doing a lot of efforts for my family & my sons along with the country.

From pumpkin, we are making a lot of recipes like pumpkin Pyasum, pumpkin Paratha, pumpkin soup, pumpkin Halwa etc.It gives a good taste to us.


Time for it

prep   cook total

20        20      40min

Author’s name:  Pranita Deshpande 

Cuisine: Indian

food type: pumpkin puri’s

Keywords  : Pumpkin recipes, Puri’s , paratha’s, soups. 

serve for: 2

Ingredients for it

pumpkin: 1/4 kg

wheat flour: 2 bowl

chilly powder: 1 tab

turmeric powder: 1 teaspoon

ajawine   :    1 tab

cumin powder: 1 tab

hing: 1 pinch

oil        :     1 bowl

PROCEDURE  FOR IT: Take the 1/4 kg pumpkin 

: Remove its peel & make square type pieces of it .

: Keep it in the cooker to cook by spreading 2 cup water on                                                          it .

: Take 2 or 3 whistles of cooker & remove the tiffin from the                                                 cooker.

: Now take 2 bowls of wheat flour in the thali.

: Add salt, chilly powder, turmeric powder, a pinch of Hing,

ajawine, cumin powder etc.

: Mix it properly.

: Now add crushed pieces of pumpkin to it.

: Knead it properly without taking water.

: Take the 1 tablespoon oil in the hand & knead it smooth.

: Make a smooth dough of it.

: Roll it smoothly & slowly by applying oil to it.

: Now make its small puri’s & fry it well

: Your pumpkin puri’s are ready to eat .

Note :  Today i have made green chilly chutney, masala bhendi, tomato koshimbir,palak khichadi along with pumpkin puris in 1& half hour. 


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delicious pumpkin recipes
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Pumpkin recipes -Puri’s , Tasty, delicious puri’s 



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