Diwali Recipes – [Moong dal halwa]

Now, this is the season of Navratri. Everyone is busy in their festival work, making new food, going to take darshan of Jagdamba. Going to garba dance, singing a song, reciting mantras, singing Aartis.Going to the guest home, visiting temples of Goddess etc . Everyone is filled with full of energy & enthusiasm. In our area, there is a traditional rule that in Navratri we must have to give THALI BHOJAN to the Goddess Jagadamba. So we must have to make every day a new type of dessert. Yesterday i have made  1d

   IT made the very nice difference in the foodies market.
   Today i decided to make MOONG DAL HALWA so since yesterday i am trying to make its preparation. Let us see how did i have made it ?
 Today i have made food for 4 people.It is the full dish
  That is of rice, capsicum subji, koshimbir, chapati & Moong  Dal Halwa.
   Let us see the recipe of it
  Time for it
prep cook total
 20     20       40min
author’s name: Chhaya Kulkarni
   Cuisine: Indian
food type: halwa recipes
keyword: Navratri recipes
serve for     2
  Moong dal: 1 bowl
 ghee: 1/2 bowl
   sugar: 1/2 bowl
  cardamom powder: 1 tab
  cashew nut: 4 or 5
  PROCEDURE  FOR IT: Keep the moong dal to soak at night.
                                           :  Wash it with the clean water 2 times.
                                           : Wash it by rubbing on our hand & throw away that water.
                                            : Make it free with odour & drain out its water.
                                           : Grind this dal in the mixture jar.
                                           : Now keep the pan on the gas.
                                           : Pour ghee to it & add ground dal to it .
                                            : Bake it continuously with slow flame till red colour                                                                       appears.
                                         :   Now add hot water to it & stir it continuously, add sugar,                                                        cashew nut & cardamom powder to it.
                                        :  Again stir it well till red colour appears.
                               This type of Moong Dal Halwa is ready to serve.
                                    SOAKED MOONG DAL
Image may contain: food


Image may contain: food

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M.R.P.:    960.00 
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  1. dpranita583 says:

    Enrich in protein & minerals.

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  2. Sandhya says:

    What a yummy halwa- It takes so much patience to make this and yours looks so good!


    1. dpranita583 says:

      Thanks for your good appreciation.

      Liked by 1 person


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