Vrut Recipes – Upma [Singhada Flour]


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These are the days of celebration Navratri, that is fasting. There are so many people are making different types of fasting . Our PM keeps fasting very strict. That is they are taking only lemon juice during fasting. Some people keep 8 days fasting . Some only keep for 2 days that is Marathi we say ”BASATA ANI UTHTHA ”Upas. I have told the importance of fasting in the post.  

Anyway, WE NEED DIFFERENT TYPE OF SPECIAL FOOD . We didn’t know who has invented this type of food? But we think that by this food we are holding fast. Enjoying thing & we are eating special items Apple Halwa Recipe on that day means rich in proteins, minerals, dry fruits etc & still we are saying oh! i have fasting today i can’t walk more, talk more, work more. & eating next day early thinking that we have fasted.We are continuously reciting since in the morning that i have fasted, i think this reciting makes the tremendous change in our life & we think that there is a celebration of special NAVRATRI . This is the Indian culture’s arrangements means automatically something should must have to be happening not need to make happen. AS for God shake means people can accept everything & they have fear also in their mind. I think most of the time we need fear to run the society peacefully & with some disciple along with new happiness, new creations etc.

So this is the story of fasting let it be shall make here a new item for fasting that is Upma of Varai or Singhada flour

time for it

prep cook total

10        10     20min

AUthor’s name : Kulkarni Chhaya

food type: UPMA

Cuisine :  Indian

serve for  1

Keyword  : Vrut recipes


VARAI flour: 1bowl

pieces of green chilly: 2tab

cumin: 1 tab

lemon juice: as your convenience

salt: As your convenience sugar: 1 tab ghee: 2 tab

peanut  : 1/2 bowl

water    :   1 & 1/2 bowl

PROCEDURE FOR IT :  Take 1 bowl varai flour in a pan.

: Bake it till red colour appears  & keep aside after baking.

: Keep the pan on the gas , pour oil to it .

: Add cumins & pieces of green chilly to it .

: Fry it for a short time & pour water to it

: Now add salt , lemon juice or curd & sugar to it .

: Wait to boil it , pour baked varai flour to it .

: Stir it well , Serve it hot .It gives a very nice taste.

: You can make it as a breakfast in fasting.





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  1. dpranita583 says:

    Best way of getting easy taste.



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