Whole Cauliflower Recipes For Indian-Subji

Cauliflower word is interesting for kids. As when my son is small at that time when I am telling him today, I am going to make cauliflower subji. Then he was telling me “Aai don’t make flower’s subji . Can anyone is eating flower’s subji? How did you are making it? You are making any subji .I don’t like this type of subji “.Flowers are using for worshiping, decorating, making garland and you are going to making subji. Don’t make this type of subji . We didn’t like it.If you will make it we don’t eat it and really if I would make it no one is eating this subji. So for that time, we have stopped to bring this type of Subji .    cauliflower-sub

Last Sunday I went in the market and there I saw nice fresh cauliflowers then,  my son told me “”Aai don’t buy this subji ”then also I bought it . Here so many have  misunderstanding about this subji. In this subji there are a lot of germs are spread in the root of it  so we didn’t have to eat it and so on but still I thought we shall try to make in a new way. So I tried in this way .  


Prep cook total

10 min   10 min   20 min

Author’s name : Kulkarni Chhaya

food type Subji

Cuisine  Indian

serve for 3

Ingredients for it

Cauliflower  1/2 kg

tomatoes  1 well chopped

gram dal[pieces]   1/2 bowl

garam masala   1 tbsp

paste of green chilly coriander  1 tbsp

turmeric powder   1/2 teas

chilly powder  1 tbsp

salt   1 tbsp

Hot water / bowls 2

PROCEDURE FOR IT   :  Take the cauliflower, cut its root and through its hard                                                                     branches .

:Wash this cauliflower  with hot water and keep aside

:Take the gram dal pieces and keep it to soak for half an hour                                                        before making this subji .

;  Keep the pan ready, pour oil to it, add cumin mustard                                                      seeds to it and wait to splutter it.

:  Now pour chopped tomatoes to it  and fry it well.

: Then add cauliflower to it and fry it well.

: Add garam masala, chilly powder, salt, a paste of green chilly,                                                  garlic and coriander etc .

: Stir it well, add hot water to it

: Serve it with Roti, chapati etc.

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cauliflower subji/chhayaonline.com
http://cauliflower subji/chhayaonline.com
Cauliflower subji/chhayaonline.com
http://cauliflower subji/chhayaonline.com

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