Paneer Paratha Recipe- Sweets

Just now i saw a paneer recipe & got angry .As there is a paneer in the fridge for 2 days but i didn’t have to get time to make it . Now i saw this recipe & decided to take an action & obviously light has gone now time is there . Today total day is very bad for me as since in the morning our electricity is playing hide & seek game.I can’t complete any work nicely . In the morning i have published one post of custard apple Kaju shake but not written long information or images i have not put it in the post as there was only;y hide & seek game since in the morning.

Now to make Paratha i got angry & i must have to make it . What is going on for so many days? My mind is telling to me? Do you have any interest or not Why did you are started this business? Stop it if you can’t do. Okay, i say & start to make it .

Time for it

prep cook total

15       15       30min

Author name :Chhaya kulkarni

Cuisine    :   Indian

serve for 3

food type: Paratha  INGREDIENTS FOR IT

wheat flour: 2bowls

sugar powder: 1/2 small bowl.

ghee: 2spoon

cardamom powder: 1 teas

PROCEDURE FOR IT :    Take pieces of paneer in the pot add hot water to it.

: Make it free with a wire gauze

:  Take 2 bowl wheatflour in the thali

: Add a pinch of salt to it.

: Take other ingredients ghee, sugar powder, & paneer                                                           ready .

:  Add  it in the flour & knead it properly.

:  Make a smooth dough of it .

: Roll it slowly & lightly.

: Keep the tawa on the gas, heat it properly.

: Now keep the paneer paratha on the tawa .

: Bake it on both sides.

: If no one is there at home keep it in the thali & serve it after some time.





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