Custard Apple Milk Shake


In India this season is famous for custard apple, we have a lot of custard apple in our garden. Every year we kept it in the hot place to ripe it well. We are giving it to the guest as well as neighbors as a sample. After ripening this fruit it gives very nice taste. But old people are telling that it emerges some diseases so not give it to the person who is suffered from cold & cough. Its sugar gives some new taste. Last week my mother in law has held fast & she wants some immediate food to relax then i remembered that i have some custard apple to ripe in one box i opened it start to making custard apple milk shake.

Here is the recipe for it .


prep cook total

10      10         20min

Author’s name: Chhaya Kulkarni

Cuisine: India

food type :  Desserts

serve for  :  1


Custard apple: 1

milk        :     1glass

channa: 2 spoon

cashew nuts: 4 to 5

sugar     :     1tab

cardamom powder: 1 teaspoon

PROCEDURE FOR IT: Take the captured apple. Remove its seeds.

: Extract its inner gar with a spoon & keep aside.

:  Take the channa, bake it slightly .& keep it to cool.

: Then take custard apple’s gar in the pot, add channa to it, add                                                 sugar  & cardamom powder to it .

: Add  1 glass milk  & stir it with wire gauge.

: Now serve it in the glass.



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20 May 2017

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