spinach subji , moong dal chutney

How to make spinach subji& Moong Dal Chutney? – Subji Recipe .

Subji Recipes : Dinner recipes

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min   10        10       20

Serve for 2
author :chhaya kulkarni
cuisine : Indian
food type : subji & chutney

Keyword : Spinach  subji & Moong Dal CHUTNEY 


      [GAVRAN] Palak :   250gm

     coriander :   5 sticks chopped

        ginger    :    1/2 inch

     garlic  :      3 to 4 flakes

     green chilly :  2 to 3

chilly powder : 1/2 tablespoon

Salt            :   1 tabspoon

turmeric   :    1/2 teaspoon

      Oil     :    2 tabs

Mustard seeds : 1 tab

Hing : 1   pinch

Basen  flour: 1/4 bowl [small]

Home made protein :   1 tab


Wash the palak under the tap. Cut it into small pieces. Make a paste of green chilly ginger, garlic.Keep the pan on the gas. Pour oil into it, add mustard seeds,  curry leaves , a paste of garlic, green chilly, ginger. Now add palak in to it, add channa flour, homemade met Kurt, chilly powder, salt & turmeric. Add 2 to 3 cup water. Keep it for cooking  5 minutes. 

Serve it with Roti , chapatti etc.

Moong Dal  Chutney :

time  for it

min      prep   cook  total

min     15         5      20

Serve  for  3

Moong Dal Palak Recipe –taralal.com


Moong  dal : 1 bowl

Green chilly  :   5 to 6

garlic  :      4 to 5 flakes

salt       :       1 tab

hing       : 1 pinch

curry leaves   :    5 to 6

oil    :     2 tab

Mustard seeds :   1 tab

turmeric :     1/2 teaspoon

groundnut :   2tab

Palak Moong Dal |

PROCEDURE  FOR IT  :   Take  1 bowl Moong dal in a  pot add hot water into it. Keep it for soaking 10 min.  Grind green chilly, groundnut & garlic into the mixture only for 1 round means to keep more pieces in it.Don’t make a paste of it. It reduces the taste of item. Now pour oil into another pot. Keep it for heating, add mustard seeds to splutter it. Add curry leaves. a mixture of green chilly, groundnut & garlic. Now add soaked moong dal into it. Now add remaining ingredients like salt, turmeric etc. Keep it o cook for  3 minutes . Add  1/2 cup hot water to become it smooth.CHUTNEY


     Serve it with Roti or chapati. It gives a nice taste.

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  1. i’ll try to make this chutney

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      Oh! thanks & show me

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