#Law Of Attraction Program- Indian Festivals & Rituals.

Hi friends, you know that i like to celebrate festivals & rituals with full of enthusiasm, energy, happiness with clean, clear heart connecting to God. Really i am getting good benefit from it , what i am getting it can’t explain here as some things in life have to not express but must have to experience as well as realized with good intentions & energy.

In India along with Ganesha, there is a festival Gauri, some people are saying Mahalaxmi to it. This festival is completely matched with ‘‘LAW OF ATTRACTION” Since childhood, i like it more as it creates full of curiosity, attraction, some mysterious thinking in the mind. In my childhood, i was sitting infront of that Mahalaxmi visualising a lot of things. It is the best creative visualization of life. As our mother is keeping all the things in front of them, thinking that charters are we means in my childhood i was imagined that left side Mahalaxmi was my mother & right side Laxmi was my sister & the child who was sitting in front of them were we mean a female child was I & male child was my brother. We have lost all these imagination power & natural creativity in this technological world.

We were wearing valuable Sari’s & clothes to the Mahalaxmi’s along with a lot of gold ornaments. Keeping lots of money or Notes in the big pot. Some homeowner is making the garland of notes wears to the Mahalaxmi & sitting in front of them 3 days every day for so many hours this is the real God created creative visualization as well as a big ”LAW OF ATTRACTION”

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Keeping a lot of fruits, food items, toys, frames, photos, making a nice decoration, creating a home-like RAJMAHAL singing devotee songs in front of her, demanding a lot of things & getting back to us as we wish is also one type of big LAW OF ATTRACTION.     


                                           GRAM FLOUR & RAVA FLOUR           

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Abroad people are taking huge amount of fees to do the LAW OF ATTRACTION course but here in INDIA God has given a gift of good natural law of attraction course but we have forgotten all our culture, festivals & recipes & running to do another country’s ‘‘LAW OF ATTRACTION ”By paying huge amount of fees along with forgetting our parents grandparents etc. How did this soil will give you more? If you are not keeping a gratitude towards what you have? How did you will get good jobs in India? How did you will feel happiness in India? Who is responsible for it? 

When i was in the age of 25 to 30 sometimes i too also thinking that it was childish like things & wasting a time etc but when i am doing it with full of devotion & everything in my life is going positive in the negative atmosphere then i have realized that we must have to give importance to these things. As we get good experience along with good energies.

On the third day of Mahalaxmi we were keeping ”HALDIKUMKUM”program with this event we are calling to the ladies who are living near to our home, our relatives, when these ladies meet with us we get a good energy & motivation means if we will ask them what is your son is doing or daughter & we heard good news from them then we get inspired from it & thinking that we must have to prepare our children for their good life. Means in our country surrounding itself is a good motivation but we must have to know how to react to them.? from them as they are also fulfilled with good energies.

For this festival, I have made 3 subji’s , 2 koshimbiri’s, 2 chutney’s, metkut, 5 types of pakora, 3 types of rice, 5 types of desserts, 2 types of Ladoo’s, Karanji, Anarasa, Puranpoli, 2 types of curry’s one is masala curry & another one is buttermilk curry. Along with Basundi, Shrikhand, some desserts i have made before 1 day & all Bhojan food i have made on that day in between the time  11AM TO  3 PM.

Every festival & PRAYER OF GOD  everywhere is a Law of attraction

This is the real ”Law of attraction” in our country, how did you want to react with it is your question.?

NOTE :  To make this food i didn’t eat anything to keep the purity of mind & body & not left my place as well as didn’t touch outside anywhere so 1 granule of the food item is not wasted. 


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