Sweet Rice Balls- Recipe

unnamedAnarasaTime  prep cook total 

        min    30     30      60


 Gur Anarsa Recipe – Indian Good Food

        Varai rava *    250 gm 

            jaggery   *     100 gm 

           ghee       *           1/2 bowl 

          milk        *         2 tabs 

 coconut [grated]*      2 tabs [as u wish]

         khuskhus   *      50 gm [ as u wish]  

PROCEDURE   *   Soak the varai in a water for 2 days. After  2 days remove its water & keep it to dry for  3 to 4 hours. Keep attention that it could not be dry totally. Some moisture must be there. Now grind this varai in a mixture, Make it’s Rava, add jaggery in it  & mix it well in the mixture. Keep this mixture as it is for 2 to 3 days so that it could make nice fermentation. Keep it in the fridge. 

        Take this mixture in a big thali, if it can’t make the dough of it add some drops of milk in it. Knead it properly. Make its dough with the help of oil or ghee. Now take khaskhas in another thali. Spread the small dough on the khaskhas. Make it uniform.  

        Keep the pan on the gas, add some oil or ghee in it, wait to heat the oil, after that to take the trial to add small Anarasa into it  & see it can fry well or not. Sometimes if we are not taking proportion correctly it will easily be dissolved in a hot oil, so we must have to take a trial. Now slowly add the Anarasa in it, do not fry as like vade, keep the flame of gas slowly & spread some oil on it in the pan. If it became red in colour, remove its ghee or oil by keeping the pressure on it on the side of pan & remove from pan. Your crunchy tasty Anarasa will be ready to eat it. Serve it hot. 

My Anarase has been finishe so i couldn’t keep here all images now.

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  1. dpranita583 says:

    This recipe is making only for a proper festivals.



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