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Generally, we are eating palak pakora anywhere. In the marriage ceremony, in any festival, in so many functions at that time we didn’t keep attention on the taste of pakora or is it crispy or smooth we didn’t understand it. As we have a lot of food items in our thali. If you want to eat any crispy food item then must have to eat this food item alone means separately so that we could understand its real, original taste. We will be satisfied with this whole food also.

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So let us we will see how to make  crispy Palak pakora

Time for it

prep cook total

5         30     35min

Author’s name: Chhaya Kulkarni

Cuisine:            Indian

food type:      Pakore

Keyword : Palak Pakoda ,Onion Pakoda,

serve for    3

Ingredients for it

Basen flour     :   2 bowls

soaked poha: 1 bowl

chilly powder: 1 tab

Ajawine     :     1 tab

cumin powder: 1 tab

PALAK   :    1 bowl [well chopped ]

coriander   :      2 tab

hing           :     1/2 teas

salt         :   1 tab

granules of sugar  : 4 to 5

OIL    :   1 bowl [frying]

Rava   :   1 tab

turmeric powder:   1 teas

PROCEDURE  FOR IT.   Take the basen flour  in the Takori

: Keep the Poha to soaking for 1 min& remove its water& keep                                            aside

:  Add cumin powder, salt, chilly powder, ajawine, hing to it.

: Mix it well.

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; Now add soaked Poha to it.take the chopped palak & add in                                                 the flour, add coriander, sugar, Rava to it. Subjis

:   Add slowly water to it & stir it well. Mix it properly.

: Keep the tawa on the gas, pour oil to it. Wait to heat oil.

: Now pour one by one Pakoda’s to fry. FRY it well till dark brown colour comes.

: Brake it into 2 parts & see it was

become crispy or not.

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: Serve it as it is.

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Crispy Palak pakoda recipe. 

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