Frying sweet corn recipe

One day my husband bought a lot of means one big sack of corns at home from our own farm. First, i thought why did this much he has brought? It is useless, who can make it? remove it, fry it & so boring things to do. So I ignore it at the first time, then he kept it in the hot Sun. Again i thought he made lots of dust in the home.

Skillet Fried Corn Recipe

But my husband is doing lots of things for Son’s he told to my elder son that do you want to eat popcorn? At first, he also refused but he still made it for my elder son & served it to him. When i taste it i astonished. This much nice popcorn we can make it at home. I didn’t believe it, Then i asked him how to make it? & he told it’s a way to make it is not like a recipe. Then i tried to make, here is in detail.  Maggi,


Sweet corn fruit  * 1

salt                      * as your convenience

butter or oil     * 2 tab

Crispy Corn

  •   PROCEDURE   *   Remove the grains of sweet corn with hand, &Keep aside 
  • Keep the big pan on the gas, pour butter or oil in it. @foodeezjunction
  • Wait to heat it, now add slowly raw popcorn.
  • Keep the lid on it instantly. Wait for a while, it makes a funny sound under the lid, this sound feels us as a sound of an alarm clock. Very funny & interesting thing to make it.

    » Maayeka

  •   When total grains converted into corn automatically sound gets stopped, we can understand our popcorns are ready to eat.

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  1. dpranita583 says:

    Its an interesting recipe, try to make it in this way.



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