Homemade desserts with jaggary


Usually, we are using jaggery for any dessert as it contains more amount of iron, calcium, sodium, potassium etc. Wheat flour mix easily with other ingredients & it makes a fine dessert.For so many festivals we are making this traditional food. Really it gives good taste to our Bhojan.

time   prep    cook  total

20        10        30

author : pranita deshpande

food type :   Desserts

serve for 2

cuisine :  Indian



Milk:   1/4 lit

wheat flour:  2tabs

ghee 2 tabs

Cashew nuts: 6 to 7

grated dry coconut:  2tab

Jaggery:   20  gm

Elaichai powder:    1 teaspoon.

Bake the wheat flour till red color comes,


    : Add some ghee to it & again bake it.                                     :     Now take almond, cashew nuts, jaggery,

coconut in the mixture pot  & make its paste.

  : Keep the oil from boiling in another pot. Boil it for 5 to 10 minutes.

 Taste of Home

:Add wheat flour into it. Now add all this paste to the boiling milk. Stir it well so that flour & all ingredients will mix properly. After cooking add cardamom powder into it.

       Serve it with pomegranate.   

Home made desserts with jaggary
Cooking homemade desserts

NOTE: Don’t make powder of cardamom in the mixture pot, it doesn’t give a good smell. Use  Stone pot to make the pieces of  cardamom 


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