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I am a simple & common daughter of my parents family. My father was the poor farmer. He was singer, dramatist and patriotism. His knowledge of Ayurveda  and spirituality was deep. He has  6th kids out of them my no. is 5th.  I learned my primary education in a village with my uncle and aunty. They didn’t have their own kid, so they have a lot of insecurity and negativity. Up to 7th class, I was with them.

MY next education from 8th to 10th was completed in a rich school. There were all rich girls was coming to school by car, and I had to come by walking 2 km every day. I have to make food for 3 people every day, so I can’t make completely food nad we were living hungry so many times. When I was in that school   I  was participating in every activity in the school like singing a song, making dramas, reciting poems, English speech etc.  Experience

I  had completed my B.Sc degree in math, physics, chemistry. I got my B. Ed. Degree associated with my job teaching. A teacher is my loving passion. I like to interact with students.

I am a spiritual being since childhood so that I am loving to worship God, singing devotee songs, reciting mantras. Reading & writing is my favourite hobby. I love music but unfortunately, I couldn’t e learned music, so now I am missing music in my life. I like to live with nature. I think that everyone’s soul is same then why should we make diversity?  So I am mixing with every community and I talk to interact with every person lovingly. I like to mix with the student; I think that God is in the student’s heart as they are pure & loving being. So they always love me. When I come in contact with them I thought that they never forgot me throughout their life. difficult   

I have written so many articles on mind power such as worry, stress, anger, anxiety etc.some texts on spiritual energy, and spiritual healing. I learned more from my life. After marriage, I was in one school at that time my 2 years kid was suffering from blood cancer. So that I left the job for his treatment. Now he is in engineering final year. I was running tuition’s then I was studying about students behavior and mind and so I turned to read mind power books.  Books

Then I realize that

‘’ Behind every action, there is thought power, it may be positive or negative.

I think that to maintain a positive attitude in our life.  We should have to go closer to God.  GOD  He knows our true potential. He can help us when we work on our true potential. In order to maintain a positive attitude, we should have to use this Quote in our life.

A  creative attitude is a fuel to progress and growth. A  positive thought is the seed of a positive result.SPIRITUAL 

 Thanks to all, God bless to all.If You Like it then share…23000

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I am the author in Maharashtra. Want to write and research on life skills, mental health, relationship and some life's issues. I am always passionate to collect spiritual knowledge, some mythological stories, food, recipes, like to write on general topics, some regular health problems etc.