Apple Halwa Recipe – Thanks Giving Day

Along with reason behind Chaturthi celebration.

Halwa recipes – Vrut recipes Halwa. is okay with me on the internet but when I am searching for keywords it is difficult for me. How to find a keyword in less time? I think I have to work on a keyword like Chaturthi. 

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We know that, today we have a big celebration of ”Sankashti Chaturthi”means today everyone is keeping fasting in an Indian home. Today’s Chaturthi is big Chaturthi. Meaning of it Chatur + thi . Chatur means talent and thi means that date.  I think the reason behind to keep fasting on it is maybe to become Chatur. Do you know the story about it? On this day ”Yashoda” mother of Krishna was kept fast for a whole day and at night, she had made some Modak’s to give the Ganesha, But Krishana came there and he has stolen some Modaka’s without knowing his mother. Now Yashoda was scolding on him? Why did you have ate Modaka’s ?There is say for today’s day that if we will see the Moon we have the crime of thieving. If you maybe not stolen anything but people are deciding to you, that you are the big thief.  

So from that day, there is a say that doesn’t watch moon today. Do not worship the moon today.

What is the reason behind worshiping moon today? As I have mentioned above .For Chatur word. Again Chatur word links to our mind and talent .We didn’t know in detail but definitely, we can say that our planets effects on our mind. Moon is the reason behind any person’s unstable mind.  I think to keep mind stable we must have to worship the moon. Even Muslim also keeping or leaving their fasting by watching the moon.

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In the past, so many Sage’s have worshiped for Gajanana. And We think that Gajanana is the God of wisdom and talent. So to emerge our talent and wisdom in a difficult situation to run a life we must have to be Chatur and so keep Chaturthi Vrut.

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If you will go to the Astronomer he will tell to you if you have more ”Chandrabal” means if your moon is strong in your Patrika you would get more success. or your body remains strong. Everything you will get easier in your life.

Halwa recipe
apple halwa recipe /

I have so many stories and experiences regarding Chaturthi and Ganesha.  Once time  at Chaturthi when my 2 kids were so small, they have slept in the hall with their papa. We have an old home of 100 years back. That home was so worst that everyday I have to face a lot of difficulties to maintain it. Its roof was like that we couldn’t consider that it was a roof upside. As every room was filling with water In rainy season everyday I have to remove water from home first and then do another work.  The roof of it was made of wood? That roof was leaking everywhere.On that Chaturthi day  Everyone ate and slept silently in the hall. I had fasting so I was worshiping Ganesha with a clean, clear mind, reciting Mantra in the inside room. I have finished my dinner and came in the hall as it is and I saw there was full of smoke in the hall.Beside it there was the fire in the electricity meter. A lot of irritating smell was coming outside with it.I couldn’t see anything properly. Only getting excited.

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But In this situation also I didn’t afraid, only I pray to Ganesha, woke up to my husband, took of my 2 kids and sat outside. After that what my husband has done I didn’t know. But only I thanks to Ganesha that he saved my family by keeping fast with me. Otherwise, if I would have slept early what will happen to our family? Like this so many events occur in my life when time will come automatically  I will express it in my blog post.

Okay, we shall make Varai Halwa for today. We didn’t eat salt today. Now  see the recipe how did I have made Halwa from  it?

time for it

prep cook total

10       10      20 min

author’s name: Chhaya Kulkarni

Cuisine: Indian

food type: Halwa

keyword: Apple Halwa Recipes, 

serve  for 2


Apple: 1/2

Varai Rava: 1 small bowl

Jaggary: 1/2 bowl [small]

ghee: 1/2 small bowl

cardamom: 4 to 5

almonds: 5 to 6

water  1 + 1/2 glass

donation for the good will

If you are believing that this is the ''Invention for the Chaturthi Vrut '' then please donate for my hardwork & tapshcharya.

500.00 INR

    PROCEDURE  FOR IT :  Take the apple. Wash it with a potassium permangate    solution. As it carries so many germs.

: Cut it into pieces and keep to cook in the pot.

: After cooking remove its peel and crush it with wire gauze or                                                  grate with slicer.

: Meanwhile, keep other ingredients ready in the thali.

: Now bake the Varai Rava with ghee when khaman smell                                                            comes then stop to bake it.

: Crush the cardamom with the help of stone and keep aside.

: Keep the water to boil, add baked Rava to it, add grated apple,                                             jaggary and crushed cardamom to it.

: Add slight food color to it. If you prefer more color you can                                               add it more.

: Now stir it well, your best-prepared APPLE HALWA IS READY TO                                          SERVE.



Halwa recipe
apple halwa recipe /


Apple halwa recipe/
http://apple halwa recipe/

Apple Halwa Recipe -Thanks Giving Day 

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