Raksha Bandhan Celebration – Prasad Halwa

This festival starts with the word Raksha. This word itself indicates protection. Now there is a question of what to protect? Today everyone is wise to protect their material things means money, flats, plots, land etc now question come what to protect  with this Raksha Bandhan?  We know that some how so many are busy in their own duties .As this is the need of today’s period . We have every thing then also we feel empty sometime. Today we are making a lot of misunderstanding about front person .I think this is happening due to  explore of knowledge. Everyone is carrying so many doubts about every person. Suppose so many people have decided that this person is nice then some more talented persons  are there whose  work is only searching something wrong in the situation or about person & give blame to that person. This type of thinking creating doubtful atmosphere in the surrounding & removing happiness of society.


So i want to express  here Raksha Bandhan means protect your egos, doubts, jealousy ,misunderstanding about any relationship, if any doubts are there clear it easily. Remove bitterness about any person & mix with free & open mind . Only keep unconditional love with you without any expectation.


If clean clear love is there everything is nice. May be quarrel or any misunderstanding it will also gets clear with it .This is the real significance to celebrate festivals. Going to the guest, coming guest at your home means there is exchange of love & energy.This is the real inspiration for everyone.


Raksha Bandhan means not only bind the Rakhi to the brothers but it can bind a thread to anyone means parents can tide to their sons & daughters , sisters- sisters, brothers -brothers etc in any relationship we can bind each other with the help of a thread  means love , care & respect. etc.


This thread gives good protection to us .We feel secure, getting blessings from front person & spread joy everywhere automatically.

Let us celebrate this festival with this food item

time for it

prep cook total

15        15       30min

author’s name : Kulkarni Chhaya

Cuisine          :   Indian

food type        :  Halwa

keyword          : Raksha Bandhan Halwa

Serve for   many


Rava :  1/2 kg

sugar   :  300 gm

ghee      :   3 tabs

cardamom powder : 1 teas

almonds :   7 to 8

cashew nuts :   6 to 7

water         :    1/2 lit


Bake the Rava Khaman with pure ghee .

; Keep water to heat in the another pot .

; After baking pour hot water in to the baked Rava slowly .

:  Stir it well , add sugar to it & again stir it .

:  Add cardamom powder , pieces of cashew nut  & almonds .

: Keep it in the pot to serve God first .

: Serve it to everyone as a prasad.





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  1. dpranita583 says:

    Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with this Prasad.

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