Moong Dal Puran Poli -Stuffed paratha


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This is the Shravan Month & we are fulfilled with rituals & festivals. Every home is filled with full of joy & happiness. We have here ”Friday feelings ” in the form of ”Jara Jivantika or Laxmi Pujan”

Here in every home, they are making sweets, calling to any married lady for the BHOJAN in the form of LAXMI. Today modern families are missing it but i have studied on it. Why did we have to call a neighbor lady? or any relatives lady or any friend.? When she is coming at home not only lady is coming with it but along with she is bringing some energy. Let me tell if there is no ritual can we call neighbor lady to eat at your home maybe you call but can she come as it is? No, but when we go in any home to call any lady for the Bhojan as ”Suhasini ” She comes with respect. We keep her respect with decorating her thali. Giving her a total Satvik Bhojan along with giving send up by giving her a good gift or some clothes. She feels proud that we are getting good respect & ready made BHOJAN here.

Modern society will tell that in the past period there was no chance to go outside for any lady so this ritual is there. It’s true but can anyone served full thali for any Indian lady in their home? No, maybe she becomes an engineer, doctor or on any post she has to serve herself or by the hand of a servant. In the past years if a mother in law was there she was serving food to the daughter in law when rituals were there. Maybe there was a big quarrel between both of them,Try yourself every time serving yourself or with servant not giving interest in eating food instead if there is anyone who is serving us with loving, caring & respect without any expectation is giving fulfilled feeling. 

You maybe tell if we will go to the 5-star hotel they are providing us respectfully food. Very nice i didn’t oppose to this method as to run world economically these process needs to us. But can we get the food & respect without any expectation?

But here when there is a ritual there is no any type of load on the person who is eating at another person’s home. She comes with the free mind in the form of Laxmi. & the owner of the home has no any expectation from her. Only there is an exchange of love, care, respect  & energy. As the person is an energy. No any type of business. No any type of load on both sides.

What do you think about this thought please share it in the comment section

With this thinking today I have called one relatives lady. She is my neighbour also.

At first, i asked her she told i didn’t it any sweets, any subji’s as i have a kidney stone. Now what can i make ? Then i decided to make Moong dal Puran Poli. First time i am making it. Let us see how did i have made it?

time for it

prep   cook total

10         30      40 min

author’s name: Kulkarni Chhaya

Cuisine: Indian

food type: Puran Poli [Moong dal]

Keyword: Moongdal Puran Poli

served for  3


Green Moong dal: 1 bowl

Jaggary: 1/2 bowl

wheat flour: 1/2 kg

oil: 1/2 bowl

ginger       :    1tab [grated]

Jaifal: 1/2 teas [grated]

PROCEDURE FOR IT :   Take green  Moong dal in the cooker tiffin.

:   Wash it with clean water & keep to cook in the cooker by adding sufficient water to it.

: Take 2 or 3 whistles of the cooker . & Switch off the gas.

: Now take the jaggery & grate it with slicer.

:  Meanwhile cooker maybe cool, take out the tiffin from the                                                  cooker.

:  Remove the water from the dal & add jaggery to it.

: If it becomes nice & smooth then there is no need to grind it in the                                           mixture but if not become smooth then grind it in the grinder.

; Now keep the tawa or pan on the gas & pour the Puran to it . Give                                          medium heat to it & shake it well.

: Now it will be condensed well, keep it to cool.

:  Knead the wheat flour in the thali, pour some water into it.

: Knead it properly to become smooth so that we can make an easy                                           dough.

: Make the ball of Puran & add it in the dough of wheat flour.

: Roll it uniformly, smoothly so that it make Poli easy.

:  Bake it on the tawa on both sides by spreading oil on it.

Serve it with Ghee along with milk.



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chhaya’s kitchen


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Chhaya’s kitchen


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chhaya’s kitchen


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Chhaya’s kitchen


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Chhaya’s kitchen


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Chhaya’s kitchen




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  1. dpranita583 says:

    So these are my Friday feelings along with this dish what are your’s share with me.


  2. Your Puran Polis look really tempting. I really feel like having them at your home…..Very good presentation with step by step photographs…Keep it up Ma’m!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dpranita583 says:

      Thanks for good appreciation.

      Liked by 1 person


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