Festival Recipes – Dal Rice,PuranGujiya

Puran Gujiya Recipe

Today we have Nagpanchami celebration. Here so many traditional methods are there. There is a say that does not cut the Subji’s it will feel that you are cutting snakes, then do not fry , do not  comb the hair so that your hair will fall in the mouth of the snake, then do not make Puran poli , make another thing from Puran which is good to digest, taste and having more nutrient value as well as rich in protein.It could give the feeling of fullness.  puran-gujiya

Today so many ladies get up early in the morning, to make festival food. Their home is filled with holy atmosphere, feeling something new, changing thought pattern of everyone’s mind. As everyone is engaging in it. That home, the village is filled with an enthusiasm. In villages at the afternoon session, so many ladies are singing a devotee song making chain of ladies. This atmosphere also creating new energy and sending good vibrations in the atmosphere. All the ladies are doing fantastic makeup, wearing a new sari’s, bangles,  neck less, etc.

Let us we will see how can I make today’s food?   

time for it

prep cook total

30        30     60 min

Author’s name: Kulkarni Chhaya

food type: festival Bhojan

KEYWORD: Festival Recipes : Dal Rice, Puran Gujiya Recipe 

cuisine: Indian

serve for  3

First I have made Palak SUBJI 



spinach : 250 gm

coriander: 2 tbsp

chilly powder 1 tbsp

basen flour 2 tbsp

home made metkut  2 tbsp

lemon juice  1 tbsp

jaggary 1/2 tbsp

oil: 2 tbsp

cumin seeds: 1tbsp

hing 1 pinch

turmeric powder 1 teas

salt: as your convenience

red chilies: 2 to 3


Raddish: 1/4 th

Skutt  2 tbsp

chilly powder: 1/2 tbsp

salt: 1 tbsp

sugar 1/2 tbsp

Dahi: 2 tbsp


Channa dal: 1 small bowl

jaggary: 1/2  bowl


Wheat flour 2 bowls

pinch of salt  

water   sufficient

oil to knead 2 tbsp        puran-gujiya

PROCEDURE FOR IT: Make the subji of spinach and keep aside.

: Make the Koshimbir of reddish and keep aside.

: Cook the Puran and grind it in the Puran machine.

: Now knead the wheat flour to make Gujiya of Puran.

: Make small Puri’s of Gujiya and add Puran to it.

: Now keep the pot on the gas and add full of water to boil it.

: Keep the steel sieve on it, spread some oil on it.

: Keep Gujiya one by one on it and keep the lid tight to it.

: Keep it for 5 min to get the steam

: Now take it out and serve it with all food.




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