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DATE PARATHA  is the well rich food for everyone .It can make easy & gives us

Satisfied feelings after eating the food. We must have to feel that today we have celebrated this festival with this item. So if we make this item in our home then definitely we feel it complete.

When i was in the school my grandmother is telling a story of dates she says ”we didn’t drink tea or coffee in the morning when we get up but we are eating dates which are kept in the ghee at night to soak. ” Again she says these dates have very good properties for health. They are making our bones strong, keeping balance in blood volume. As well as no problem of increasing cholesterol. Increases height of kids, as rich in calcium as well as it is good for appetizers. Giving the feeling of fullfillness. So many people are eating these parathas with milk or Dahi.

We can make chutney, ladoo, chikki or so many food items from dates. I  think so that in India there is a method that keeping dates for any pooja. If you will see any pooja may be it is of Ganapati, Laxmi or Satya Narayan everywhere there are dates kept on the leaves of  Nagveli.

If we will throw seed of any date it can come anywhere means it can grow without water. Generally, it is growing on the rocky soil or in the sandy soil.It requires less water. In India in the Kokan full of cultivation of dates occurs. Kokan is famous for growing dry fruits. Last year i was thrown it’s seeded in my garden by mistake this tree grown automatically. It has long leaves like cane sugar & this tree also look like same as a cane sugar plant.I think everyone must have to grow this plant in their garden it needs small place no any another requirement. It can grow with less water. Lookin like as Christmas tree.

We know that we are making paratha’s of delicious things but we are not making sweet paratha’s so today suddenly my mind given me click & i started to make this paratha.

  Khajur Paratha

1] Khajur:200gm

2]milk:  1/2 Cup

3]Elaichai Powder: 1 teaspoon

4] wheat flour: 400 gm

5] Ghee: 2 tablespoon

4] salt: 1 pinch

PROCEDURE:  Remove seeds of dates.  Make its pieces & grind it in the mixer with a half cup of milk.  Make a paste of it. Now take wheat flour, add a pinch of salt & cardamom powder in it. Roll out in a circular portion. Make its paratha with slow motion.FLOUR

Chhaya’s kitchen

It has more nutrient value. It contains more amount of iron & this iron is used to increase our blood. As well as small children’s are getting bored to eat dates. So it is a very good way to serve it for children.COCONUT

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    1. dpranita583 says:

      nutrient value for food.


  1. dpranita583 says:

    This is healthy, delicious & more nutrient value food.



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