Masala Papad Recipe -Homemade


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This is a well known short side dish. Every dinner & meal must fulfil with it. I didn’t know why did in every hotel first provide this papad. Really in 2 hotels i ate it & took soups my dinner was finished. Some people have the diet so less & due to less diet, they are always active physically & mentally. Then i have a question here if i will fulfill with it then what remains to eat behind.


In our childhood, my mother was calling to the neighbor’s ladies to make these Papads. All the ladies are sitting round to make it. Chitchatting, singing a song, devotee song, telling jokes & making Papad for all families not for our family. Really we enjoyed these days.There was no any profession,  not any type of business only enjoying life by interacting with neighbors & family members.Everyone was telling their problems & becoming free from tension.No, any tension, pressure, ego, hurt etc.Only there was a flowing of love & this event makes item fantastic.It has a delicious taste. Everyone filled fulfil. As the item was full of big containers.

RECIPE. – chhayaonline …

Nowadays we are bringing this papad from the market . We have paid money then there is a thinking that, if we will decide to give a taste of it to the neighbors we first say that ”Oh my God, i have paid this much money for it, why did i will give to them? Then we are making masala papad at home for only our family members & eating  . There is no sharing, no caring, no love no chitchatting, no exchange of thoughts etc Keep everything in mind. Don’t tell your problems to anyone as it will increasing & actually it is increasing because everyone is taking benefit of our situation. Or the person who is open-minded & free has very difficult to lead a life in these days.This story is not for the only papad but for everything. Now to get happiness [real] we have to watch ”TARAK MEHTA KA ULTA CHASMA ” & then we are laughing. Where has been lost our original lifelike ”TARAK MEHTA KA ULTA CHASMA” a TV Serial? Why did we want to watch this serial every time.? Do you feel we are losing something in our life.?

Let it be we shall start to make masala papad

time for it

prep  cook  total

20         10       30

author’s name: Kulkarni Chhaya

cuisine: Indian

food type: Masala Papad

serve for     4


Papads: 5

chopped onion: 1

chopped tomato: 1

coriander: 1/2 tab

Manchurian masala: 1 tab

salt: as your convenience.

tomato sauce: 1/2 bowl

save: 1 bowl

green chilly pieces: as your convenience

PROCEDURE FOR IT :     :Chop the onion, wash it with clean water & keep aside by                                             draining water.

:  Chop the tomato into small pieces & keep aside

: Chop the coriander & green chilly & keep aside.

: Now take the pocket of RAMBANDHU” Papad.

: Take out 5 whole raw Papads

Thalepit Recipes- Marathi

: Bake it on the gas

: Spread all ingredients one by one on the Papad.

: Serve it like as in the hotel.  DO YOU KNOW INTERESTING THING ABOUT PAPAD?

If you want to give the test of your pronunciation then tell this word 25 times in 10 seconds & what will happen please tell me. [KACHA PAPAD PAKKA PAPAD]


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