Punjabi Style Dal Makhani- a to z series 2019

Dal Makhani Recipe _ Punjabi

Dal recipes – Punjabi Dal Makhani


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author’s name : Pranita deshpande 

Cuisine  :       Indian

Food type  :  Dal Makhani


Time    prep cook total 

                 15      15     30 

serve for 2 


   Urad dal  *   1/2 cup 

 rajama        *   1/2 cup 

channa dal * 1/4 cup 

   tomato   1 [chopped] 

  onion  1 [chopped] 

   butter  2 teaspoon 

garam masala * 1/2 teaspoon 

   chilly powder * as for taste 

salt    as your convenience 

  ginger & garlic paste * 1 tbsp     

  •       PROCEDURE    *   First wash the Urad dal channa dal and  Rajama. Cook it in the cooker. Add the paste of ginger  Fry the onion in the butter in another pan till golden colour comes. Make the paste of tomato and add it in the fried onion, fry it well again till we will see oil is spreading from it. Now add hing and garam masala, with chilly powder, as well as salt, Now slowly add cooked Dals in it and stir it well. Keep it on slow gas. 
  •   Spread butter on it and serve it with chapatti or Bajari roti, It will give a nice taste with Bajara roti.   
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