Best palak soup recipe -Homemade

Today everyone is aware of best & healthy veg food in them soup type is very famous in this generation. In our childhood, we are only eating subji of palak.We didn’t know what is the soup?. But today more invention with veg giving the latest healthy recipes.


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Do you know what palak contains? It is rich in iron along with vitamins. Vitamin A  has the big house as a palak vegetable. A fibre of this veg is making digestion easily. If we will eat raw leaves along with Roti & chutney it creates more saliva in our mouth & it increases the taste of roti. In India lot of people eats raw leaves with Roti so that both mix well to create good digestive hormones  & enzymes. It keeps our skin also healthy.

If any patient has loosened his taste & if we will give him this palak soup he definitely feels comfortable & tasty. His tongue creates good saliva in the mouth.

Let us we shall make here.

time for it

prep cook total

10       10      20min

author’s name: Kulkarni Chhaya

cuisine: Indian

Food type: soup

serve for :   3


Green gavran palak: 250gm

coriander: 1 tab

cumin powder: 1 tab

ginger: 1/4 tab [grated

jaggary: 1/2 tab

black pepper: 5 to6

garlic: 2 flakes

lemon juice: 1tab

ghee or butter: 2 tab

salt: 1 tab

hing     : 1pinch

water: 2 big bowl

PROCEDURE  FOR IT: Take the green palak.

: Wash it with clean water.

: Cut it into small pieces.

: Now take the pot, pour all these ingredients to it.

: Coriander, cumin powder, black pepper, jaggery, ginger,                                                        salt, hing, garlic , lemon juice etc

: Pour water into it & keep it to cook with lid.

: Cook it for 5 minutes till khamang smell comes outside.

: Now take this in the mixture pot by filtering the water of it.

: Keep the filtered water aside.

: Grind it well in the mixture.

: Add this mixture in the hot water which we have kept                                                            aside

: Pour some ghee & butter on it.

: Serve it hot to the patient.

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