Bottle Guard Rice _ Rice


Time   prep cook  total

min     20     20      50


Green kaddu  *  1  small

Rice [small]  *  1 bowl

green chilly *   3 to4

oil             * 1/4   small bowl

everyday  masala   *   1 tab

cumin seeds           *   1 tab

mustard seeds   * 1 tab

coriander           * 1/2 bowl [chopped]

onion                * 1 middle size [chopped]

groundnut seeds   * 1/2  bowl

salt                     *  as your convenience

turmeric powder     *     1/2  tsp

chilly powder       *  1/2 tab

curry leaves       *    5 to 6

  •         PROCEDURE   *  Take the green kaddu, remove its peel, Grate it with slicer. Keep aside. 

    ingredients for kaddu rice

Now take all ingredients at one place.

Take the rice in a   pot wash it with water & keep aside .

MASALE FOR KADDU RICE   Chop the onion into a middle size pieces & keep aside.

Keep the water to heat on another gas.

  •               Keep the small cooker on the gas. Pour oil in it wait to heat it. add cumin’s, mustard seeds in it, wait to splutter it. Add curry leaves in it, add chopped onion, groundnut seeds in it. Saute it still smell comes, don’t make it red.
  •       Now add rice in it, saute it well, add masala, turmeric powder, chilly powder, salt, coriander & again saute it well. Now slowly add hot water to it, stir it well. Keep the lid on cooker tightly. Make flame of the gas medium. Wait for 3 whistles. Put off the gas.
  •     After cooling the gas serve it.






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