Tri color pasta Recipe-Delicious Salad

Just try to make it by this method it will become very delicious.

Every time making regular food gives a bored feeling. I think this is  the nature of human being or maybe all animals too. Maybe we are in a healthy mood but still, we can’t control on food. We know that if we will eat some types of food our weight is increasing but still we are not aware to eat food.If we have delicious food in front of us then we lose our control and easily attack on that food . If we have increased weight then we start to decrease it.  This is the nature of every man.

Okey let us we start to make our favorite food color pasta

time for it

prep cool total

20      20      40

author : chhaya kulkarni

cuisine: Indian

food type : fast food

serve for  3


Colored pasta  :  100 gm

tomato 1 [chopped ]

onion 1 [chopped ]

a paste of green chilly, coriander: 2 tbsp

peanut: 1 bowl

garam masala: 1 tbsp

chilly powder 1 tbsp

salt  2 tbsp

OIL _1 bowl       IMAGES FOR IT

Vegetables and ingredients for color pasta


PROCEDURE  FOR IT: Take the tomato , onion, chop it and  keep aside.

; Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil to it and wait to heat it : :

:  Add onion to it , saute it well and keep aside

;  Add tomatoes[chopped ] to it and saute it well and keep aside

: Saute  peanuts   well and  keep aside

: Make the paste of garlic, coriander, green chilly , ginger and                                                     keep aside.

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: Keep spices ready to add it.

: Now keep the pan on the gas and add sufficient water to it, boil it well

:  Add pasta to it , cook it for a short time, now add saute onion, saute tomatoes, peanuts, salt. a paste of garlic, chilly  etc

: Stir it well, add garam masala, chilly powder and serve it hot


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Note : If you will use fried pasta to make it , then also it will become delicious .

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