Banana Milk shake _Banana

Today we have fast that is ” Ekadashi”.Generally, we eat fruits or lassi, fruits lad or so many types of fruits. Banana is the famous food for fasting.It has tremendous benefits.

Today i saw in the fridge banana &, then i thought i have a fast so why i cannot make the milkshake of banana.

Let us see how did I make the simple milkshake of banana.

time for it

prep cook total

10      10       20 min

author name : Chhaya kulkarni

food type       :  Milk shake

cuisine        :  Indian

serve for 2


Banana : 2

cashew nuts :  3 to 4

almonds      :   3 to 4

sugar       : 2 tabs

milk              :    200 ,Mililit   IMAGES FOR IT


ripened bananas





Making milkshake


well prepared milkshake

PROCEDURE  FOR IT :  Take the fresh bananas of small size.

:  Remove its peels

: Take the ingredients cashew nuts, almonds, sugar, ghee, milk                                           etc

: Add all these ingredients into the pot, add bananas to it.

: Crush the bananas with the help of wire gauze.

: Now pour the milk into it

: Pour some ghee on it.

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