Tamarind Chutney Recipe -Significance

Every food has it’s main significance , what’s it see here ?

India is more famous for thousands of types of food & every food has its meaning means where to eat? With which food we must have to eat? When did it should make? Why did this food is chosen for this time? Is this food is good for this season? What are the benefits of this food while eating in this season? etc So many questions behind any item mean every food has some significance & with that significance if we will make this food it will give the definitely good taste as well as the good result for the body also.

Time for it

prep   cook   total

20        10       30 min

author name  :  Chhaya kulkarni

food type  :       Chutney

serve for 2

cuisine     :  Indian

Ingredients for it   

Tamrind  :   25 gm [well ripened ]

Jaggary      :   25 gm

sugar          : 2 teaspoon

dates          :   5 to6 [ powder]

cumin powder :    1 tab

garam masala   :    1 tab

salt                  :     2 tab

chilly powder      :   1 teas

Hing                  :    1 pinch

ginger              :   1 teas [grated ]

water            ;     2 cups










PROCEDURE :    Take the tamarind, wash it with clean water. & keep soaking for 2                                                      hours

:  Take another ingredient means grate the jaggery & keep aside.

:  Make the powder or small pieces of dates & keep a side .

:  Take the chilly powder, garam masala, jaggery, sugar, cumin                                              powder in a dish .

: Now crush the tamarind in the water & throw the unwanted part                                              of it .

:  Make the right solution for chutney.

: Keep this solution for dim heat, add cumin powder, jaggery, sugar,

salt, garam masala, chilly powder, hing, ginger, salt to it.

:  Keep it to heat for short time.

:   Your well-prepared chutney is ready to cook.


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