Mango Juice Recipe -Summer End

Hi friends, sorry for late to the post. We know that now there are holidays & we are enjoying it with travelling, joining engagement programs, weddings, marriage ceremony etc . This is the period to come new guest at home enjoy with them chitchatting or play with them carom, playing cards, doing some summer household work or some summer food like shemaiya, papad, pickles etc & enjoying holidays with someone for swimming, visiting to the elders. In my childhood so many guests had been coming to my home when my mother was making jowar papad, then we are baking that papad on the fire & eating with groundnut.These things have vanished now.

Our afternoon lunch was booked for Mango juice. Mangoes are from our farm. My mother & sister were making  4 litre juice for the whole family. Sometimes more also. When we get up we ate only ripened mangoes as a breakfast, it may be 7 ,8 to 15 .Sweet mangoes.No need to take another breakfast. For 2 months we enjoy the season of mango juice happily with our so many relatives.

Let us we will see how did we will make juice of mango .?

time for it  20 min

author : Chhaya Kulkarni

food type: juice

serve for   :     3

cuisine: Indian

PROCEDURE: Take ripened mangoes.Do you know how to identified ripened mangoes?  If you will go in the market of mangoes there are everywhere full of mangoes then we are getting confused which will we can buy? Sometimes we are giving more money to the seller & bought sour mangoes as we didn’t understand how to buy sweet mangoes in the market? If you want to buy sweet organic mango then see the body of mango, if it has more wrinkles & having sweet smell may be colour green but it has good orange colour thick juice. It is the best mango to make juice of mango.

Lt us we will see how to make mango juice instantly


MANGO   :  2 or 3 [big size ]

salt           :  2 teas

sugar        : as your convenience

water        :  as your convenience

almonds  ;   4 to 5

PROCEDURE  FOR IT: Wash the mangoes. Remove its peel.

Now press the seed of mango to extract juice from it.

Now add a pinch of salt to it & squash it well.

Now add water to it & again squash it well.

Add sugar if you need it.

If juice has knot then stir it in the mixture jar.

If you like it add milk to it  & serve it with almonds pieces.











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