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Yesterday we went to Neera Narsinghpure near to Poona. We arrived at 6A.M in the morning by car then we have taken the stop at ”Tuljapur ” to take Darshan of Jagdamba. I think we have spent there half an hour & then started to travel next by taking Darshan of Jagdamba. We reached Narsinghpur at 11 ‘o ‘ clock.There is a long story to chose this spot for travelling.I will write the separate post for it.

But we will attend here food of temple prasad. When we reached there we saw a temple situated at 150  feet in height. There are something suspense things in the temple.

At afternoon they are providing prasad to the Pilgrims with free of cost.In that they are giving good food means one sweet item along with rice, chapatti & subji.

The grocery for the food they are bringing from the open market. But the food which they are making as a  prasad is very tasty.If we will decide to make this type of food at our home. Maybe we can make same food items but can’t get the taste as the temple prasad.

Do you know why did Prasad has a special taste? Maybe they have all ingredients or not but still, their food has good taste. The reason behind it is they are making it for God sake, so there is full of devotion &  so the good vibrations are creating there & it gives good taste to the food.

Another thing is devotee whoever he may be when he is ready to eat prasad his attitude towards it positive as well as full of love towards Prasad .So the food maker & food taker have a good attitude with full of devotion & so prasad become very tasty.


chapatti  of wheat flour
Subji like curry mixed with all subji’s
Sticky Rice with good taste
Served Thali

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