Fried Onion Chutney

In summer we need onion regularly, it gives good taste & cool feeling to our body. Nowadays we make every food with onion. It can make by frying or by raw onion also.

Sometimes we  didn’t want to eat regular subji’s .Getting bored with regular subji’s & at the weekend my fridge is empty .Now what to do as a subji in the less time instantly as well as changing taste of our tongue. Now i decided to make instant onion fried chutney .

time for it

prep cook total

10       10       20min

author : Chhaya Kulkarni

CUISINE : Indian

food type :  fried subji

serve for  :  3


Onion   :   2 or 3 big size

oil        :  1/2 bowl

mustard seeds  : 1 tab

chilly powder    : 2 tabs

salt      :  2 tabs

skutt     :     2  bowls

PROCEDURE :   Cut the onion vartically in a strip . Wash it with salty water .

Keep it in the seive to drain its water for a while .

Now take the pan & keep it on the gas , wait to heat it.

Pour oil to it & wait to heat it , add mustard seeds & see how did                                                they   are spluttering ?

After spluttering add strips of onion to it & fry it well.

Now add chilly powder, salt & fry it well .

After some time add skutt & stir it well .

Serve it with chapatti or ROTI it gives very nice taste .



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