Paysam Kheer Of Pumpkin


                      5            10              15 

    Serve for  2 


    Cooked pumpkin  * 1 bowl 

          pieces of almond 

            &  cashew nuts        *     2 tsp

                   raisins         *     10 

                 sugar           *     1/2 bowl 

      elaichai powder *    1 teaspoon

              grated coconut *    1/2 bowl 

                Milk              *     250 gm 

milk cream    *    1/2 bowl    Let us start to make Pumpkin Pasam

  •           PROCEDURE   * 
  •   How to cook the pumpkin?  Take round pumpkin cut it in square shape pieces, keep it in a cooker tiffin, add  2 tsp ghee on it, Keep water in the cooker, take 2 to 3 whistles  of a cooker, these pieces give the nice taste, with it we can make puri’s, Bhajizz  Desserts,
  •  Take cooked pumpkin in a  pan crush it with a spoon.  Keep the milk to boil. Boil it well now add sugar, pieces of almond & cashew nut, stir it well, add grated coconut & cardamom powder & stir it. jaggery,
  •         Your pumpkin payasam is ready to  eat 

 NOTE *   This payasam kheer can make only if you have cooked pumpkin at home.

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