Time for rasgulle

TIME         PREP       COOK        TOTAL

30min    60 min         90min

serve for 20


Chenna   :   1 kg

Wheatflour : As  the appreance of  chenna

mlk  : 1/2 cup

elaichai powder : 1 tabspoon

Sugar : 750 gm

ghee  : 250gm

PROCEDURE  :  Take the original Chenna  in to the big pan . Make it free with our hand. Add wheat flour how much require to knead it better. Take small amount of milk to knead it. Knead t properly to make round shape rasgullae. While kneading keep attention to make it soft like pebbles.  Fry it in to the another pan. & Keep it a side.       

PROCEDURE FOR SUGAR SYRUP : Take 750 gm     sugar in to the pot . Add 1 liter water to make syrup from it. Keep it on the gas . First you can make gas full so that sugar can dissolve  properly. Stir it continuously to dissolve sugar properly. Now  add 1 cup milk in to it so that some impurities are floating on it. These impurities are looking brownish in color so remove it with spoon. 

Now keep gas slow & see the sugar is dis loved completely as well as it is making thick & sticky. Spread  some small amount of water on the syrup so that rasgulla’s   couldn’t break easily  & syrup will enter in to rasgulla. Add rasgulla’s in it slowly . Keep it to become cool . Now serve it in the meal or dinner or for breakfast.

NOTE :   We whole family have made it for a religious program

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