Mixed Dal Dhokala

Yesterday we want to celebrate the holiday with some new tasty food item so i have decided to make Mixed dal Dhokala. We want a different taste of it so I have kept Moong dal ,Urad, dal, gram dal to soaking. To choose Moong dal for the Dhokala to have some reason, this dal makes protection for our body cells. Means it increases white blood cells in our body & soaked things are good for digestion. As  It creates more useful enzymes & hormones in our body.   So let us star to make Mixed dal dhokala.

Soaking time   1 night

time  prep cook total

15     15    30min

serve for 3


Moong dal       :  1 bowl

Urad  dal       :   1 bowl

Gram dal      :    1 bowl

salt       : as your convenience


bicarbonate : 1 teas

lemon juice :                :  1 tab

sugar   :   1 tab

paste of garlic,

green chilly          : 1 tabs

cumin powder : 1 teas

Hing               :  1 teas

oil               : 2 tabs

cumin seed       : 1 tabs

mustard  seeds—     : 1 tab

coriander                : 2 tabs

grated coconut : 2 tabs

PROCEDURE FOR IT :   : Keep the all  dal             to soak in a pot .

IMG_20180126_101020 (2)
Soaking sal & rice

: Grind it in the mixture to make its paste.

: Add paste of garlic, green chilly in it .

Adding  paste of garlic & green chilly

: Add salt , pinch of hing, lemon juice, sodium bicarbonate                                                       in it

:  Stir it well & keep aside

: Now take the cooker & remove whistle of lid

: Pour 1/2 lit water in to the cooker

: Keep its sieve in the water

: Keep any empty cooker tiffin backward in the down side                                                         of cooker

:  Keep another tiffin of  dhokala  paste in it

:  Now keep the lid of cooker on it .

: Keep it on the gas for 15 min.

: Take out  the tiffin after cooling it

cooked dhokala


: Now keep the small pan on the gas, pour oil in it, add                                                          cumin, mustard seeds to splutter it, add a pinch of Hing in                                                         it.    dhokala

:  Pour it on the dhokala , now spread chopped coriander &                                                      grated coconut on it .

: Serve it with res tasty garlic chutney.

SERVED DHOKALA.     unnamed

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