Best Mango Muramba -Summer Special

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Muramba  name indicates something secret in our lives. Do you know in India if anything is special in politics or in daily life at that time they are taking some special words of food in the sentence so that we can understand speciality of that sentence of that event?


Muramba word indicate if we will teach anything new to the people are students it will not remember for a small time but it could change that person’s life or that students life. So here in Marathi teacher says that every lesson of text should be entered in his mind or brain like[Murali pahije]  ”Murumba”. Same like pickle also to be ”mural pahije” then it will give good taste.

Let us we will see here how did we can make it ? Can it affect my audience?

time for it

prep cook total

5         5       10min

author : pranita deshpande

cuisine : Indian

food type : preservative

ingredients for it 

Raw mango  : 1

sugar            :  100 gm it depends on mango taste if mango is more sour it require more sugar & vice Varsa

cloves : 3 to 4

cardamom :   3 to 4

Jalebi colour :1/2 teaspoon


Take  raw mango . Remove it’s peel . Grate it with slicer . If you want more crushed mango then grind it in the mixture. But to get good taste i kept big vertical slices of mango.

Now add sugar to it & keep aside.

Keep the pan on the gas, pour this mixture into it & keep the flame of the gas medium.

Stir it well to create a juice from it. Stir it well so that it will become smooth.

Now add Jelibi colour to it so that it could give the nice appearance.


unnamed murumba

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