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Today I want to make this recipe  early in the morning but, I get up late and I made it  late . In the morning I want to drink tea but our milk has been finished . Since full of rain is there so milkman is also not coming and no one has been get up .Now  I decided to  go to my brother in law home , and my brother law has made first class tea for me. In every week I am keeping my all work aside and going to meet them. If I will meet them then I become fresh to work again . They are my good inspiration . Then in 10 minutes came back as I have to make food along with breakfast. There is very short time of them I have to read a lot of spiritual books, but now I have learned all these books so there is no need to find extra time to read them . While cooking I am reciting all stotra’s, Mantra, some spiritual books  without looking in any book. 

Now I have made Dahi Puri, Maharashtra Pithala, khaman chapati’s , Roti’s , green chilly thecha and  masala rice. For this I require 2 hours time .As I have injury to my left legs , I couldn’t move fast. to stand 2 hour and making these types of food means vast challenge to me .Still I am making it as I think that if we will teach sitting habit to our body , this habit will remain for long time and it can loose our power as well as muscle power . So to keep our muscle in moving condition we must have to work everyday. This can keep our muscles strong. 

Let it be see how did I have made Dahi Puri? 

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande 

cuisine : Maharashtra 

food type : Dahi Puri  recipe 

Keyword : Dahi Puri Recipe -Breakfast recipes. 

serve for 4 


For Khamang Puri

Wheat Rava: 1/2 kg

Basen           : 1/2 bowl

Bhajani: 1/2 bowl

Ajawine      : 2 tablespoon

a paste of garlic, green chilly, cumin: 2 tablespoon

Turmeric powder: 1  teaspoon

Salt: 2 tablespoon

Oil: 250  gm

Oil: 250  gm

Ingredients for Chutney

Dahi: 1 bowl

Garlic chutney: 2 tablespoon

SALT: 1  Teaspoon

PROCEDURE:      Take all ingredients in one thali. .

                              Mix it properly. Add slowly water, knead it  properly.

                               keep it to soak for half an hour. 

                          prepare its dough, roll it, make its   chapati.

                            Take one bowl having the border.

                      Keep it  vertically on the chapatti.

                 Remove puri one by  one aside.

Now keep the pan on the gas.

pour oil in it. Heat it and leave Puri one by one into the oil .

Fry it well in  the pan.

Recipe For chutney :  Take thick Dahi in a bowl

                                         : Pour chilly powder, salt, garlic paste to it .

:                                       Stir it well , it gives very nice taste,

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