Today’s Simple Dinner

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Wheatflour :           1/2 kg

Dal [toor]  :            1/4 kg

Salt          :          2 tablespoon

Coriander :          5gm chopped

Mustard seeds : 1 tablespoon

Garam Masala :  1teaspoon

Hing :                  1 pinch

Sugar :                1 tablespoon

Oil     :                 3 tablespoon

Tomato :             1

Garlic  :              5 to 6 petals

Ingradients  For Bhurka

oil :                      : 1 tablespoon

Mustard seeds : 2 tablespoon

Chilly powder : 2 tablespoon

Seasame :            2 tablespoon


Take 1/2 kg wheat flour in a  thali. Add slowly some water in it. Knead it perfectly.  Now cook dal in the small cooker. Add turmeric powder  &  1 lit hot water in it. Now add salt, sugar etc. Keep the big pan or pot on the gas. Pour oil in it, add cumin, Mustard seeds, garlic pieces in it. After some time add pieces of tomato, fry it well add the small amount of chilly powder & 1 pinch in it & fry it well. Now add prepared liquid dal in it slowly. Stir it well. Add sugar, salt & coriander & keep it for boiling.

Now make chappati. Cut it into a round shape. Add these pieces slowly in the dal. again make another chapatti do this procedure. till finish Atta of wheat. Keep it for cooking for a while.  & serve it with Bhurka.

How to make Bhurka :  Take oil in a small pan. Keep it for heating, add cumin, mustard seeds, curry leaves  & sesame in it. fry it slowly on the small gas. Add chilly powder & salt in it. Now tasty Bhurakha is ready to eat.


You can make this item sweet also by using ghee, jaggery, dal etc.


Kneaded wheat flour
IMG_20180407_214752 (1)
Dal fal  with chapati
Dal  For Fal
Well prepared dal fal

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