Lassi Recipes ,Summer Special _ Watermelon Lassi

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Today we have fast that is ” Ekadashi”.Generally, we eat fruits or Lassi, fruits lad or so many types of fruits.  Watermelon is the  famous fruit in Maharashtra in summer. It has tremendous benefits. We can make this food item instantly so that  any guest could be satisfied with it. If you will come across to Maharashtra and see alongside the road you will see full storage of watermelon in the summer. So many heaps are there alongside the road. Full of big heavy trucks also carry a watermelon in another state. This is the king of food in the summer season in Maharashtra. 

Today I saw  one fresh watermelon in the fridge then I thought I have a fast so why I cannot make Lassi of watermelon.?

Breakfast Recipes 

Let us see how did I make simple Lassi of watermelon

time for it

prep cook total

2           3        5 min

author :chhaya kulkarni

cuisine : Indian

food type :   watermelon Lassi

keyword : Lassi recipes Summer Special – Watermelon

serve for 2


watermelon  1 big size.

sugar   2 tbsp

Yogrut   100 ml [cream]

cardamom powder  1 teas

cashew nuts    4 to 5

Almonds    4 to 5

PROCEDURE FOR IT :    Take the watermelon

:  Cut it in to pieces.

; Remove its seeds

: Take the thick milk,, sugar and keep aside

: Make the powder of cardamon, cashew nut, almond etc                                                             and keep aside

Homemade desserts with jaggary 

: Add all these material in the mixture jar.

:  Pour Yogurt into it, add sugar and all ingredients to it.

:   Grind it in the mixture

: Your best watermelon Lassi is ready to drink.

: Serve it in the glass.



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