Mango Juice Recipe In Indian Style – Juice With Jaggary

   How to make Mango Juice with Jaggary – Juice Recipes. 

Hi friends, we know that just now summer season is started & we have to enjoy cold drinks. Today’s market is with full of ice creams, & cold drinks but somehow some cold drinks which are organic & made at home have a different & loving taste.

Here i made one different type of Sarbat or juice  with raw mango . see here how i made it ?

time for it  time to boil mango 5 min

prep cook total

2         5          7 min


Mango   : 1  small

cold water   : 1 glass

cumin powder  : 1 teas

salt                    : 1 pinch

jaggary             :     2 tabs

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande 

 cuisine      :    Indian 

  food type   : Juice 


PROCEDURE  FOR IT  :  Boil the mango to become smooth, before making juice 

: Break it easily, remove its peel & seed & keep aside in a                                                              dish

:  Meanwhile, keep jaggary to dissolve in another small pot.

: Now take out the inner part of mango with spoon                                                              or remove gar from seed.

: Crush this jaggary  in a water, with hand or wire gauze .

: Add a pinch of salt & cumin powder to it & stir it well.

:Now add this mixture into the jaggery solution or mix both                                                  solution well in another container.

: Serve it in the another glass.

images for it




unnamed (52)
boiled mangoes / 


unnamed (17)


unnamed (53) 


unnamed (22)
well prepared juice/ 


Note : This juice  is making when we are coming from outside in the hot sun. This gives very nice & cold feeling from inside. Means this juice can stop thirst feeling or really thirsty. In our area when any person came from the hot sun, we give then the first stone of jaggery & after water so that any side effect didn’t should happen to his body & he should feel relax feeling after coming from the hot sun.


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