Milk Shake With Muskmelon

Hi friends, we will welcome  Summer with new food items. I think in summer we have daytime with long period so we can enjoy this period happily  & so that in our country many marriages are arranged in summer vacation as there is a lot of work with so many people, as well as so many, have holidays so we can enjoy every bit of life happily .means eating drinking etc.

Today I got my favorite fruit Muskmelon. I like it very much as it has more nutrient value as well as fewer seeds. It gives a cold feeling as well as good taste.

To make juice of this fruit is easy & it can make in less time.

Time for it

prep cook total

5          5      10 min

author’s name :  Kulkarni chhaya

cuisine           :  Indian

food type         : Juice

serve for it   1


Watermelon:  1

milk           : 1/4 glass

sugar         :  1 tab

caradamom powder :  1 teas

cashew nut [powder ]   :     3 to 4

almond powder    :     3 to 4

milk cream       :     2tabs


PROCEDURE  :   Take the watermelon, remove its peel & cut it into small pieces.

: Take 1/4 glass of milk in a container.

:  Add pieces of watermelon to it.

: Crush it with wire gauze, add almond powder, cashew nut                                                 powder, cream, sugar caradamom powder etc .

: Now keep it in the fridge for 2 minutes & serve it.




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  1. dpranita583 says:

    Summer milk shake


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