Shahi Khaja Gujiya Recipe

We have today here ”CHAITRA GOURI ” Navratra, so we have to get up early in the morning. Doing worship of it. For that we are making today ”Ghujiya as well wet & swallowed grams of raw Mango for prasad.

To make Gujiya in a   every function is also a ”SHUBH ” process. When any daughter is going to the husbands home at that time our mothers are feeding these Gujiya compulsory to the daughters. It is also a ”Shubh food ”

Today we have ”CHAITRA GOURI ”festival means she came to her father’s home in this period. She likes to eat wet grams along with raw mango sorbet. Also, she eats raw mango  & a  swing with a mango tree.

Time for it

prep cook total

10           10      20min

author name : chhaya kulkarni

cuisine :     Indian

food type : shahi Khujiya


Wheatflour or sooji :  1 bowl

wet coconut            : 1/4 coconut

jaggary                   :   1/4 bowl

caradamom powder  :    1 tabs

cashew nuts              :    7 to 8

almonds                   :      4 to 5

channa                  :    2 tabs

oil   or ghee                : 1/2 bowl

PROCEDURE  FOR IT :  Take the wheat flour in a thali .

: Add slowly water to eat . Knead it properly & keepaside.

: Take wet coconut in the mixture pot add jaggary to it                                                             along with  caradamom stones . Add cashew nuts,                                                                    almonds & channa

: Grind it in the mixture & make its paste , keep aside.

: Now make amall puri like chappati , add saran to it .

: Make like this 5 khujiya * keep aside .

: Now keep the pan on the gas pour oil to it & wait to heat it .

: Fry the Gujiya one by one till red color comes .

: Your tasty Gujiya is ready to eat now.



kneaded flour
Gujiya after frying

Method for it :  Knead wheat flour or all purpose flour & keep aside

:  Make saran to fill it & kkeep aside.

: Make small puris of kneaded flour .

:  Add saran to it

: Fry it in a  ghee or oil .