Onion Chutney Recipe- Marathi recipe

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Do you know in our area village people’s best breakfast is this chutney with white Jowar Roti?  Generally, this chutney is famous in summer, as here cultivation of onion & raw mangoes are there .when we mix raw mango with onion it gives super taste. I  think if any man may be with full of stomach & if we will show him this chutney with roti & ask him can you eat this chutney? He will say yes, why not?


This chutney has delicious taste .any man could eat more bread with this chutney. & has a more satisfied feeling. In the village, some ladies are making this chutney in the stone pot in the morning & keeping in an earthen pot. If this will be dry then also it can give the best taste.


time for it

prep cook total

10      2       12 min

author’s name :  chhaya kulkarni

cuisine         :     Indian

food type       :    chutney


serve for 4


onion  : big size 1 [chopped ]

raw mango: 1 small size [chopped ]

chilly powder: 1/4 bowl

salt: 2 tabs

Don’t add more ingredients in this chutney as it reduces original ingredients taste.

Indian Vegetarian Food


Take the big size onion, remove its upper part.

: Cut it into big pieces.

: Wash it with clean water & keep it to drain water.

:  Now take the small size raw mango, remove its peel

: Cut it into small pieces.

: Take chilly powder & salt in a small bowl

: First grind onion pieces  in the grinder or mixture

: Now add onion pieces to it & start the mixture slowly.

; Grind it slowly for a short time.

Paneer Roti With Cucumber Subji | linkedin | Pinterest

: Your tasty chutney is ready to serve.


IMG_20180316_070311 /chhayaonline.com
CHUTNEY INGREDIENTS/ chhayaonline.com
IMG_20180316_071842 (1)/onion chutney

How  To Make Jowar Roti ?  

time for it

prep cook total

5         10        15min


Jowar flour :    2 bowl

salt            : as a taste [a pinch]

water          :  enough

PROCEDURE FOR IT :   Take the Jowar flour in a thali 

                                            : Keep tawa on the gas to heat it                                    

: Add sufficient water slowly in the flour .

: Knead it with one hand, if require water again add water to it slowly .

: Make its dough, while making Roti spread some flour in the thali.

: Keep the dough on the flour & spread it with both hands       uniform ally.

: Keep attention that it cannot be brake while making it .

: Now take this roti on two hands spread it on the tawa slowly   without touching to the tawa.

: Spread water on it like making the painting of roti.

: Wait to shake it & change its side to shake it .

: Again wait to shake it *  now remove tawa on the gas .

: Keep the roti by changing its side on the gas [means the side                                                     which is not shaken]

: It will automatically get swallowed like a balooon.

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IMG_20180218_103832 / chhayaonline.com
chhayaonline.com/ Flour of Jowar
chhayaonline.com/ Roti making
chhayaonline.com /Baking the roti
IMG_20180312_072922/ chhayaonline.com
chhayaonline.com/ well prepared roti
IMG_20180312_073014/ chhayaonline.com
chhayaonline.com/ Roti in the tiffin

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