Basundi Recipe _Festival Recipes

time for  2hours total

prep    cook total

5 min      2hrs   125 min

author’s name :  chhaya kulkarni

cuisine :        Indian

food type    : Basundi

serve for 2


Milk    :    2 lit

pedha :      4  or 5

cardamom powder  : 1 teas

cashew nuts   :     7 to 8 pieces

baking powder   :    2 tabs

PROCEDURE  :    Keep the milk for boiling in a nonstick pot .

; At first  Keep the gas flame fast & keep attention to it that could not                                   flow down while boiling.

: So keep the flame slow & wait to boil it.

: Meanwhile, you can make another food .

: Now add malai pedha by adding in cold milk . Make its fine paste , add it to the boiling milk .

: Then mix baking powder in the cold milk & add to it in the boiling


: Now make the flame of a gas slow & stir it continuously, till it became                               thick.

: Now, put the gas off & add sugar& cardamom powder to it, stir it again to dissolve sugar to it.

: Serve it with cashew nut.

images of it    HAPPY GUDHI PADWA 24129745_10215713663293800_6556422668986034706_nIMG_20180318_120631

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