Mharashtrian Curry Recipe

This curry is the best option when we are in a hurry & we  want some liquid but we have less time than we can make it instantly.

time for it

prep cook total

5           5     10 ,min

author’s name : Chhaya Kulkarni

Cuisine ;           Indian

food type   : Curry

serve for 3


Buttermilk  :  fresh prepared 1/2 lit

curry leaves :   4 to 5

hing              : 1 pinch

basen flour :     1/2 bowl

salt           :    1tab

turmeric powder :   1 teas

sugar      : 1 tab

ginger   :   1/2 inch grated

mustard seeds  :   1 tab

cumins : 1 tab

coriander  : 1 tab

oil              : 1 tab

green chilly :    2

PROCEDURE FOR IT :   Take the buttermilk in a container.

:  Add basen flour , salt, sugar grated ginger etc .

: Mix it properly.

; Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil to it.

: Wait to heat it .add cumin’s, mustard seeds& wait to                                                                  splutter it.

: Now slowly add the mixture of buttermilk to it .wait to                                                      boil   it.

:   Serve it hot. unnamed (48)

When any person suffered from cold we are giving this curry to that person. He feels light with it & This curry brings taste to our tongue when we have lost in any infection.

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