Fried Mint Rice Recipe – Tasty


    Mint rice recipe 



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Do you know Indian housewife strategy for evening cooking? Maybe they are looking at a lot of food recipes on the TV or on the net but still, in the evening they are searching to make easy food. In of the first priority goes to famous Khichadi but if family members are getting bored by eating it then they are choosing some types of delicious rice as it can make quickly & easily. As well as rice is good for dinner. In our area for old people & small kids are only eating rice at night along with ghee . As it is easy to digest & light to feel also. Easy to make simple rice & easy to eat also. It requires less time also & less energy to make it.

time for it

prep cook total

5        15        20min

author’s name :  Pranita Deshpande

cuisine :                INDIAN

Food type :    fried rice

serve for 3


Rice :   1 bowl [Jeera rice ]

groundnuts : 1/4 bowl

mint  [dry leaves powder ]  :   2 spoon

coriander  [chopped ]  : 2 tabs

tomato   :    1 [chopped ]

garam masala  :      1 tab

cumin powder : 1 tab

oil :     2 tab

mustard seeds   :1 tab

hing     :   1/2 teas

curry leaves :   4 to 5

cinnamom powder :   1/2 tab

salt :   as your convenience

Spectrum Essentials, Organic Ground Premium Flaxseed, 14 oz (396 g) SPE-67789 

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PROCEDURE  FOR IT :    : Keep the rice to soak for 2 hrs before making it.

; Keep draining water through a sieve

: Chop the tomato, coriander  & keep aside

: Keep all ingredients ready . Remove small sticks from mint                                                            leaves before adding to it.

: That is oil, groundnut seeds, mustard seeds, cumin, hing,                                                        mint leaves powder,   cinnamon powder, mustard seeds,                                                      cumin powder, curry leaves, oil, cumin, garam masala

: Now keep the small cooker on the gas, pour oil to it, wait to                                                     heat it . Add cumin, mustard seeds & wait to splutter it .

: Now add curry leaves, chopped tomatoes, groundnuts & fry                                                        it well.

: Add rice to it & fry it well.

: Now add salt, garam masala, cumin powder, cinnamon                                                         powder, hing etc & stir it well.

: Meanwhile, keep hot water in another pot on another                                                  gas for heating.

: Now add one glass of hot water in the cooker.

: Stir it slowly & keep the lid tightly.

: Take  2 whistles, your fried mint rice is ready to eat.

: Serve it with any salad.



NOTE: Yesterday was Ekadashi here so I have not used onion & garlic, you can use it for your convenience.

I  was so much hungry so I forgot to take the photo of all steps sorry for it.

METHOD FOR IT : Soak the rice & drain it out

: Keep all ingredients ready. About me- Short story

: Add oil to the cooker & add cumin, mustard seeds, curry leaves                                    & all ingredients to fry it.

: Add drained rice & fry it, add all ingredients to it & stir it well.

: Add hot water & keep a tight lid on the cooker.

: Take 2 to 3 whistles & serve it after some time.

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      both rice are good for health.



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