My Shabudana Khichadi Recipe

Today we have ”PAPMOCHANI EKADASHI ” I didn’t know but so many people are keeping fast for it. Here fasting means eating rich protein food as well as some rich energy fruits also. People are not doing casual work also told we have to fast today. Taking rest & eating fasting food 4 times assuming that today I have fasted.

Again in the next morning, they are eating early & again telling we have to fast .taking rest & telling to everyone yesterday I have been fasting & so today I have a lot of pain in my legs.I feel energyless.

Actually, spirituality says fasting means don’t eat food in case if you are weak then eat less food. But fasting means learn to control your mind for any difficult situation. This fasting can teach us how to keep patience in life? When we will give some pain to our body then only we can realize some things in our life. It can make our mind creative as we are closer to God. Meaning of fasting in Marathi is ”Upasana ” means to learn to go near to God.If our stomach is full fill we can’t remember God. To remember God these rituals are celebrating in this country. But some people have made another meaning for it.

Time   prep  cook  total

min     20    30     50


author : chhaya kulkarni

cuisine :  Indian

foodtype :  Shabudana Khichdi, nylon chivada etc

serve for 3


         for KHICHDI

         Shabudana :    1/2 kg

              skutt        : 250gm

         green chilly  :    9 to 10

              salt         : 2 tabs

           sugar      : 2  tabs

            oil         :       2 tabs           

Cumin      :  1   tab

PROCEDURE  :     Soak  the shabudana yesterday at night before sleep.

: In the morning add Skutt, a paste of green chilly, salt, sugar in it.                                    : Mix it properly with our clean hand. Keep the pan on the gas.

:    pour some oil in it, add cumin & mixed Shabudana in it.

: Stir it well. If you like add a half cup of cream[milk] or Dahi into                                               it.

: Again stir it well. Keep it for steaming, still, khamang smell                                                        comes & it becomes smooth then close the gas. Serve it with


: Dahi or buttermilk.


Nylon Shabudana : 100gm

oil       :      250gm

ground nut  :    20gms

chilly powder :   1 tabs

salt       : 1/2 tabspoon

PROCEDURE   :  Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil into it. After heating the oil.

: Add slightly nylon Shabudana into it. Fry it well. Keep it outside.                                      add  salt, sugar, chilly powder into it.If you like lemon ark add a                                                 pinch of a lemon ark to it.

:      It gives nice taste.



Fry the Shabudana papad in the pan & serve it with Shabudana  Khichadi .

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pranita Deshpande

I am an International author of ”QUOTATIONS & STORIES” book. I have written 3books which are 1] Future of students 2] How can be student intelligence? & 3] Importance of prayer.etc, instead of it, I wrote some texts on anger, irritations, etc

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