Is Buttermilk Healthy?

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This food item is famous in India. Generally, it is making in the summer season, as it gives relief feeling after drinking it. It is cold, tasty  & acts as a health remedy also. It can make easily, there is no need for so many appliances & time. If any guest came instantly we can make instead of another cold drink.

It is rich in calcium, making digestion easy, removes the problem of constipation .if anyone is suffered from piles he must have to drink this drink every day especially in summer. Not only pile suffered person but the person who is working on PC or who is doing his work continuously by sitting in one place must have to take this drink.

Let us learn how to make it?


Prep cook total

5           5       10min


Buttermilk :  1/4 lit

sugar          :  2 tabs

salt            : 1 tab

cumin powder : 1 tab

black pepper powder: 1/2 tab

Hing           : 1/2 teas

coriander :    2 tab [chopped ]

ginger      : 1/4 inch

oil              : 1 tab

cumins : 1 tab

mustard seeds  :   1 tab

PROCEDURE FOR IT :   Take the buttermilk of given quantity.

: Make powders of cumin, black pepper powder & keep                                                                  aside

: grate the ginger & keep aside

: Now add all these ingredients one by one & stir it well.

: Keep the small pan on the gas.

: Pour oil to it , add cumin, mustard seeds in it & wait to                                                            splutter it. Add a pinch of hing to it.                                                                                            : Pour this live spluttering oil into the buttermilk .

: Serve it in today’s lunch

IMG_20180307_093628 (1)
Masala Ingredients To Make It
Adding grated ginger & coriander
Creating spluttering oil

method to make it : Take sour buttermilk

: Add all ingredients one by one & stir it well

: Pour splutter oil with hing  & serve it .

 Benefits of it::    It helps in the food industry

: An ulcer can be cured naturally with it.

: Contains all essential Macronutrients

: Has a cooling effect on the digestive system

: Helps wash down oily food & so that it must have to take after                                              heavy dinner or meal in any celebration.

                               : It helps in dehydration as well as in dysentery.

: It provides calcium without fats.

: Rich in vitamin

: Riboflavin helps detoxify the body

:   Reduces blood pressure

                                  : It helps to lower cholesterol.

: Controls  stomach acidity problem

: Eases constipation.

: Helps to lose weight.

Raises Immune Levels By Warding Off Illnesses:

 : Gives power to the bone

 : Buttermilk is used  for skin care as well as in Ayurveda as a Shirodhara

: It is useful in fungal infection.

: Useful against Sunburns

: Can be used to treat Haemorrhoids



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  1. Benefits of a recipe is very necessary to provoke the reader for getting started😂

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