How To Make Chutney?

If we will go to Poona we are not getting tasty groundnut .the seeds which are using Poona people are tasteless .& If we will decide to make chutney of it, it does not make tasty. So we know that a lot of Poona’s people are bringing chutney from Latur.  So many are making this chutney in the stone pot. I have stoned a big stone pot but to make it require so much time & a lot of energy so I decided to make same like this chutney without stone pot. Having taste same. Here so many are using a big machine to crush the groundnut seeds. This chutney we can mix with Dahi eat with chapati, roti, rice. It gives the best taste with Dhapate.

Let us see how I made it in a less time with the mixture.

Tie for it

prep cook total

10     2 min  12 min


Raw groundnut :1/2 kg

chilly powder: 1/2 bowl

cumin’s  :     1 tabs

garlic flakes: 1/2 bowl [peeled]

oil: 1  teas

PROCEDURE FOR IT: Take the groundnut in the big pan.

: Keep it on the gas to bake

: Bake it continuously

: See the cover of it can remove easily if it can remove easily

then think that these are baked nicely. It’s aroma also                                                        comes to us

: Keep these groundnuts to cool aside for a while.

: After cooling add ingredients chilly powder, salt, cumin,                                                     garlic flakes

: Keep it in the mixture to grind it. Grind it slowly, quickly

Baked groundnuts

: Now turn the button of mixture reverse to make it sticky.IMG_20180221_164515

: If groundnuts are not baked well it doesn’t make sticky.

: To make sticky you can add 1 teaspoon of oil & grind it.


So many are using red chilies directly to get good color but I didn’t understand it’s proportion so I have not used chilies.

I   didn’t have used oil for it. As we didn’t like more sticky chutney as, like mud, it reduces the taste of other ingredients.

These types of chutney we are using to eat with HURDA [green Jowar] in the farm


1] Bake the groundnuts khamang

2]   Add ingredients to it

3] Grind it on the mixture slowly.

NOTE : Do not grind fast, slowly grinding makes good chutney.