Breakfast Recipes -Dahi Poha

Instant Dahi Poha

How to make Dahi Poha easily.    

We know that we have a traditional method to make a Poha for any function. Generally, when there is engagement program we are making it. Or if any guest came suddenly at our home & he has to go immediately then also we are making traditional poha.

But today the poha which i am going to make is not known to so many people It is totally different from all pohas & it has more nutrient value can make easily.Has lots of benefits to eat it.



1] Poha: 1/2 kg

2]Dahi: 1/2 kg

3] groundnut

Pieces:   40gm

4] Cumin:1tablespoon

5] Mustard Seeds: 1 teaspoon

6]Oil: 2  big spoon

7]Green chilly: 6

8] Asafoetida –   1/2 small teaspoon

9] corriander: 40gm.

10 ] sugar: As you wish for taste.

11] Salt: as you wish for taste.

Procedure: : Take 1/2 kg Poha wash it,

: Wash it instantly in a sieve

: Add 1/2 kg thick Dahi.

: Add Sugar, Salt *

: keep the small pan on the gas.

: Pour oil into it after heating adds cumin, mustard:  seeds, groundnut pieces, chilly pieces &  asafoetida   IMG_20180225_094942

:for taste. Stir all mixer completely & now serve it:dish.

Spread coriander on it.



This POHA  are very tasty, as well as we can make instantly & easily. It has more nutrient value & calories. It is good for everyone.