Story Behind Beet Root Soup

Everyone knows that I am passionate to do spiritual healing. Yesterday I went to my friends home.She has some mental as well as physical disorder. We know that mental, as well as a physical disorder, are same sides of one coin. Means if one is not recovered properly & early it catches another immediately. Means if you have a weakness you can’t do your physical work properly & it starts mental problem which are stress, worries, anxiety etc. If we are not working on time with it it will increase mental problems along with physical problems. The same case happened with my friends she has been indulged in this activity for 5 years but nothing improved.

Suddenly I have a flash of light in my mind & I thought why not I will try her with spiritual healing & hypnotherapy? so I went to her home in the evening I saw her, she has lost her consciousness, confidence, hopes  & everything.On that day only I have given her counseling & decided to do hypnotism & spiritual healing to the next day.

Next day also she was in her crazy mood I started to hypnotism & spiritual healing.I think today it is 6 th day.When I went her home she was so fresh that I couldn’t believe that she was my first friend. I saw full confidence in her eyes. She is fearless & everything she is doing herself means making food doing some household chores.

Then I thought why we should waste our time in gossiping.We will make some new food type for her so that she could enjoy food of my hand & she has some help as well as I would get one post & I could manage my time also.If I will make food lovingly with full concentration it will give a good effect on her body as well as on her mind as it is making for her specifically with loving & taking her care. IMG_20180221_212633

So i decided to make beetroot soup for her.

time for it

prep cook total

10        10   20 min

author’s name :chhaya kulkarni

cuisine        :   Indian

food type :   soup

serve for 3


Beet root : 1 [chopped]

carrots    : 3  [chopped]

apple      : 1/2 [chopped]

jaggary   :   2 tabs

salt        :     2 tabs

cumin powder : 1 tab

ajwine          : 1 tab

hing         : 1 pinch

ginger      :   1/2 tab grated

ghee        : 2 tabs


PROCEDURE FOR IT :   :   Wash beetroot, carrot,apple with clean water. 

:  Chop it well & keep in the pan to boil it .

Chopped  beet, carrot & apple.


boiling beet root, carrot,apple



:   Keep it in the fridge after boiling.

: Take ingredients ready cumin powder, ajawine, jaggery,                                                     hing, ghee , salt etc

: Now take all material into the juicer pot & start mixture to                                                           grind it.

:  Add some hot water to grind it well.

: Now take it in the container & pour 2 teaspoon ghee on it.

Added  ghee


: Serve it hot.


Now i think she is out of danger as well as happy.





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