Apple Juice Nutrition -Summer Special

Keeps away doctor, make body strong, healthy. Act as a body protector .

apple juice concentrate nutrition- Juice recipes.

We know that apple keeps away doctor. Really this fruit gives lots of benefits to us.

If you can use it regularly you will be fit for long life .No any disease or any pain will come with you. It works as a good blood developer as well as a good digestive catalyst, it creates good hormones so the patient can live peaceful as well as calm. We know that ”As the food, as the mind, As the mind, as the man.

It can be working lightly when we have to fast or if anyone’s blood level is getting low, It gives satisfaction good relief to us.

So let us we shall make apple juice

author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine   : Indian

food type : Apple juice nutrition

KEYWORD : Apple Juice Nutrition -summer special  


Prep cook total

5            5    10


Apples : 2

milk   1/4 lit

sugar  As your convenience

almonds  4 to 5  [chopped]

cashew nut   6 to 7 [chopped ]

raisins    2 to 4


We know that today lots of fruits are coming in the market.These are filled with full of dust, germs and some another particle .we think that if we will wash it with the fast tap water it can clean but, it can’t clean in this way.

If you want to wash apple clean it, must have to keep in potassium permanganate solution for a while and after that, you can wash it with clean water. Otherwise, we are suffering a lot due to eating infectious food.So use above method to wash the fruits any fruit which has collected a lot of dust , germs, etc.

Clean washed apples /

HOW TO MAKE JUICE: If you have washed an apple clean then there is no need to remove peel. As peel also contain some useful healthy contents.In case if you want to remove it you can remove it from slicer or any apparatus.

IMG_20180219_193325 (1)
Removing the peel off it./

: Cut it into small pieces.

: Add it to the juicer pot and keep it in the mixture to make its juice.

: Add some hot milk, sugar grind it into the mixture well.

: Now pour it into the glass, add pieces of almonds, cashew nuts to it

IMG_20180219_195321 (1)
prepared juice /

:  Serve it

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Gift a year of Prime - Rs.999
apple juice nutrition

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Apple juice contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, manganese,  magnesium. All apples also provide vitamin C,  B6. It makes metabolism properly with its caloric content into food energy.

It makes digestion easy, increases blood volume, keeps skin fresh, acts as a mouth refresher.

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