Step By Step Method To Make Rava Idli

Time    prep cook total

min            15    30      45


Rava *  1/2 kg

tomato * 1 chopped

coriander  *   2 tabs

chilly powder *  1tabs

salt             *  2 tabs

baking soda    *  1 tabs

Eno               *   1/2 pocket

oil               *    2 tabs

Mustard seeds  *  1 tab

cumin  *              1 tab

hing    * 1 pinch

sugar   * 1 pinch

fenugreek seeds *   1 teaspoon

PROCEDURE    *  Take a middle size pan, pour oil in it, add mustard seeds, cumin curry leaves, chopped tomato etc, fry it well. Now add Rava in it fry it well, Put off the gas & keep it aside to cool. After cooling add baking soda, Eno, Fenugreek seeds, sugar & stir it well, now add slowly water & keep it as it is to make  Rava idli for 1/2 an hour. After half an hour see the fermentation procedure has been made otherwise keep it again to soak.

  •     Now your Idli flour is ready to make idli, Take an idli pot, spread some oil to the bowls of it & pour a small amount of soaked flour into it. Keep it in the cooker, Keep the cover & wait to get steam, give 10 minutes step, wait to cool it & after some time your idlis are ready to eat, We can eat it without chutney also, but if you want to eat it with chutney you can make coconut chutney with it.
  •    NOTE * Sugar &  fenugreek seeds make fermentation easily. 

Sorry friends i forgot to take an image of prepared idli.unnamed (22)





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