Masala Baingan- Recipe Indian

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Do you know there is a big & historical story to eat Baingan in Maharashtra? Here every food is related to a specific God. As like it to the God Khandoba. He had kept some rules to eat this fruit subji. He told to his devotee that don’t eat this subji after winter. So lots of people keep this as a ”VRUTA”to eat it. So many people didn’t touch to this food forever. There is one specific day to eat this subji , it is known as ”SAT’ Only on this day some people make ”BAINGAN BHARATA ” Special with roti & eat on that day only.

SCIENTIFIC REASON BEHIND TO NOT EAT IT: This Subji gives an invitation to some diseases, like paralysis, body pain, muscle pain as well as it increases swelling on the body. If you have wound, it increases pus or germs in the wound.t Means in just a few words it is harmful to eat it & that’s why our GOD also kept some restriction to eat it.

Whatever maybe we will see here how to make it for healthy people. Healthy people can eat it lovingly.

time for it : 20 min

prep  cook total

5           10      15min

author’ name : Chhaya Kulkarni

cuisine         : Indian

food type       : Subji

serve for 3


Baingan :  7 o 8 middle size

garlic flakes :  5 to 6

coriander    :  2 tabs [chopped]

Garam masala :  1 tabs[Amber]

Chilly powder :     1 tab

salt                  : 1 tab

OIL                :   2tab

cumin seeds  : 1 tab

mustard seeds  :   1 tab

Hing                 :    1 pinch

curry leaves      :     5 to 6

Skutt                :      1/2 bowl

PROCEDURE FOR IT :    Take the fresh baingan, cut it, wash it  & keep it in the water


: Make garlic paste & keep aside

: Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil to it wait to heat it .

: Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds & wait to splutter it .

: Now add slowly baingan to it & stir instantly & keep                                                           :      the lid on it.

:  Now add garam masala, chilly powder, salt, Skutt,                                                               coriander  & stir it well.

: Keep lid on it & keep half bowl water in the lid

: Add 2 to 3 tablespoon water & stir it well.

: See the Baingain is well cooked or not. Then put off the gas.


GREEN FRESH BAINGAN 36374355_1917714928527290_7020935373224148992_n






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